Phyllis A. Blair Services

Employee Benefits

If you are a small business without an Human Resource specialist, we are the company to help you. We provide proposals comparing group health, disability, life and retirement plans. We help the employer to make the best choice for his business. We assist with employee enrollment in your chosen plans. Annually we review your benefits with suggestions.

Individual Health Insurance:

We explain and provide details concerning plans that are available. We help with online enrollment via the phone. This takes just a few minutes to complete. Fast, easy help in choosing the best plan for you.

Life Insurance:

We assist individuals with their life insurance planning by asking questions concerning the individuals life style and commitments.

Disability Insurance:

We like to call Disability Insurance " Income Replacement" as this truly is the job that it was designed to accomplish. We all want to have the income that we depend on with our salary.

Medicare Supplements

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